With our powerful marketing systems at your disposal, you can

focus on what matters: your clients.

Sea Grove is not your typical real estate brokerage. Delivering value to our agents is our primary goal and we’ve built our culture and practices around that idea. We execute marketing campaigns with proven technologies, new and old, without getting distracted by gimmicks. We focus these efforts on our agents’ real world networks, not ambiguous demographic segments – and we get real results. At Sea Grove, we won’t baby agents, nor will we leave you out in the cold. We will create and maintain a strong foundation for you to build your own career.

Experienced Leadership

On your side

Our broker and leadership team has years of experience in real estate and finance – and we are here to help you be the best you can be. That means hassle-free face time, coaching, and expert advice.

Shared Resources

Our listings are your listings

A great listing with impressive photographs isn’t always something every agent has available to promote. But at any given time, there’s at least one beautiful property listed with Sea Grove. No matter which agent’s listing it is, all agents at our brokerage can use any property for their own marketing materials. And while the listing agent, of course, receives all communication and credit for their deals, these shared listings allow all our agents to maintain a steady supply of “activity” that they can market to their unique networks. In other words, we provide you with the resources to stay top-of-mind in your community.

Proprietary Client Management Tools

Happy clients make happy agents

Real estate is about taking care of your clients, about ensuring them that their properties are being circulated among as many potential buyers as possible. That’s why we automatically create a unique “marketing assets” page for every listing. These pages are designed to communicate to your sellers all of the marketing activity regarding their property. This is one way we help you maintain a great relationship with your clients.

Natural Network Focused

Your people are your strength

Cold calling, neighborhood farming, demographic targeting… These are all valid marketing tactics, but they’re not very efficient. And they require lots of spending to be truly effective. While we do strategically invest in some of these approaches, we focus the bulk of our paid marketing content on our agents’ existing networks: friends, families, classmates, and coworkers; anyone whose contact information you already have, i.e. your “natural network”. Ultimately, it’s these people whose real estate needs you are best positioned to serve. By consistently running ads with your headshot on their social media streams, we position you as the go-to realtor for your natural network.

Dedicated Marketing

You and your listings will always look great

Each listing starts with professional photos. From there, our in-house creative team will help edit the listing for effectiveness and immediately begin to move it through its marketing journey: email blasts, social media posts (organic and paid), physical mailers, outdoor signs, and premium property booklets for your open houses. Plus, our graphics and printing team can create custom promotions at your request.

Be the Expert

Listing presentations with valuable data

Make strong first impressions and secure new listings with a customized 40+ page listing presentation that we provide for each potential client you meet with.

Community Centered

Connected to the neighborhoods we serve

We all come from somewhere, which is why getting involved in the community where we live and work matters deeply to us. Sea Grove’s founding members were born and raised in Miami. We have strong networks across all of South Florida and we are more than happy to introduce and involve our entire team in the communities and neighborhoods we work in.

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