Buying? Let’s do this right.

Looking for a new home, a new office, or a new investment? Sea Grove has agents who specialize in the property type you’re looking for. We’ll guide you through each phase of the process...

Search Phase

Critical to the acquisition of a home or commercial property is establishing a clear roadmap from the outset of the search phase. We help lay the foundation needed to make the search process as efficient and effective as possible. We start the process by helping buyers set their unique goals, educating them on the current market landscape, and evaluating various options produced in the search phase.

Offer Phase

The buying process can be draining and disheartening. We help buyers filter through the noise by leveraging our relationships in the industry and crunching the most relevant economic data to best manage the offer phase of the buying process. We also help our buyers understand what terms of the contract are most important to them, and what terms are most important to the seller, to successfully facilitate the negotiation process.

Contract Period

After the buyer and seller agree to terms and execute a valid contract, there is a limited amount of time for the buyer to conduct the necessary due diligence investigations prior to closing. We assist our clients every step of the way to coordinate with the relevant 3rd party vendors to conduct property inspections, appraisals, surveys, title reviews, financing approvals, and whatever other items need to be addressed to ensure a successful on-time closing.